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How To Use YouTube Cards In Your Videos

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Are you looking for ways to increase more views? Are you interested in improving your YouTube marketing? YouTube card enables you to create a clickable call to action that encourages users to respond.

This article is a guide for you to use YouTube cards in your videos to get real Youtube Views.

What are YouTube Cards?

YouTube cards is a way to make your YouTube videos more interactive. These are solutions for driving actionable results from your video content. The cards can appear at any point in your video. It can contain images and outside links.

5 Steps to Add YouTube Cards to Your Video

Follow these steps to get real YouTube views:

  • Step 1: Go to your YouTube Video Manager and search the video you wish to add a card to. Then click on edit under the video’s title.
  • Step 2: You can see Cards tab in the top navigation bar, click the Cards tab.
  • Step 3: Now you can create a new YouTube Card which you can add to your video. All you have to do is to click Add Card and then click the Create button on the right side of the video.
  • Step 4: After that, you will be asked to fill in the necessary details in order to create the card. For instance, if you choose the Channel dialogue box, you must enter the channel URL, teaser text or a custom message.
  • Step 5: After adding the card to your video, you can adjust when the card will be shown in the video. Just drag the card on the time marker below the video to the point where you want the card to appear.

You can add four more cards to the video after adding the first card. Keep in mind to watch the video before you publish. In this way, you will ensure that the card appears where you want them to.

How to Use YouTube Cards in Your Videos

YouTube cards are used in a variety of ways. They can be used to drive sales for a product, leads to a page or get YouTube views. The YouTube card must be placed at a point that may direct the users somewhere else. It is better to place towards the end as you want the viewers to watch your video.

You must only place cards that might send users to a landing page on relevant videos. In case the video is not relevant, send the users to the second video.

If the users have subscribed to your YouTube channel, they will be notified whenever you upload a video. You can use YouTube cards to send users to the nest video in the series. As a result of this, you might get best YouTube views. You can use polls for an interactive experience and encourage engagement. It assists you in gathering opinions on what content viewers want to see.

Whether you are sending users to your next video or using poll, YouTube cards are strong tools for getting the best YouTube views.

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18 Experts Reveal Their Top Instagram Growth Hacks

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We have been encouraged by the rise of Instagram as a communication tool and an increasingly sophisticated crop of “growth hacks” to boost both follower count and engagement. Instagram’s response, following its acquisition, to police black-hat and grey-hat on its platform has been equally encouraging.

Beyond the spectacular and abrupt departure of Instagress from the Instagram growth scene, the platform has been methodical in its approach to stemming losses to other platforms by removing “add me” links to Instagram profile pages.

What do the experts say?

With Instagram a part of the Facebook family, we know how territorial and hyper-competitive the social-media space can be. But heading into year’s end and with Social Media Week’s Chicago conference under one month away, we turned to the experts to reveal some of the best white-hat approaches remaining for Instagram Growth.

Nick Kinsports of the Notice Agency

“Start by upgrading your equipment. Amazon has some amazing packages with pro gear for under $500. Make the investment and watch followers roll in.”

Dan Salganik, co-founder at VisualFizz

“One of the best ways that I have seen Instagram accounts grow is through consistency, whether it’s nature, beauty, travel, or weird inventions. The goal is to stay consistent so that your audience can follow you through their interests or passions.”

Julia Weber of

“Research your hashtags before posting and find ones that have been used around 100K-200K times. This is an indicator that the hashtag is active and you’re more likely to be seen for these ones than other hashtags that have been used millions of times and have constant uploads (and you’ll be lost in the clutter). This strategy will help more people find your posts and if the hashtag is relevant to your content than they are more likely to engage with your post.”

Diana Mitrea, New York-based personal trainer

“Tag large accounts that have a lot of followers to feature you. Being featured can lead to a big jump in followers, including anything from certain magazines to accounts that only repost photos or videos. I’m a fitness trainer so I always tag some of the “workout video” accounts that repost these types of things. I also tag Shape magazine or SELF magazine in hopes that they will feature me. Instagram seems to favor videos these days over pictures. So making sure that you have a mix of media is important. Posting just photos is not going to get you a lot.”

Meredith Butler, Instagram’s No Basis in Reality

“Engage with the people already following you. You can think of them as your biggest fans and greatest evangelists. If you’re regularly engaging with them, they’ll be more likely to share your account with friends, tag people in the comments of your posts, and boost your posts with their quick and consistent likes. That’s been my greatest growth hack with the new algorithm. If you have followers that are seeking out your account each day, the algorithm won’t matter because they’re doing a search for your name, not just waiting for it to land in their home feed.”

Anna McNaught, the founder of The Liked Photo

“Spend some time (or hire someone to do it for you) liking peoples’ photos. It’s especially beneficial to visit the pages of your competitor’s followers and like their first 3 images. This is a great way to engage with your audience and bring new followers to your page. Chances are if they like and follow your direct competition, they will enjoy what you are doing as well.”

Joel Padron, CEO of Surge Marketing

“Find other accounts similar to yours and reach out to them. By cross-promoting each other, you’ll both be able to quickly gain high-quality followers in your specific niche. It can be as simple as tagging each other in an Instagram story or caption of a post.”

Garland McAlexander, founder of

“Look through your competitor’s post and create a list of users that engage. Next time you post, tag some of these users in the picture or comment section so they receive a notification about your content.”

Deborah Sweeney, CEO of

“Be mindful of where you place hashtags. Rather than clutter a post caption with tons of hashtags, hide hashtags in a separate comment or use line breaks after your comment that look like this: […].”

Albert Renshaw, CEO Apps4Life

“Incentivize Instagram followings through mobile apps and games. While playing a game of ours you may be prompted to follow our Instagram for 100 coins. On our more popular games, we’ve seen some of our pages increase 50K+ followers in as little as one week.”

HelloNomad’s Chuck Melber

“Repost a screenshot of your IG profile page in stories shortly after you make a new post. In doing so doodle over the newest post and add text encouraging people to check out the profile. This seems to drive up engagement due to more people interacting with stories as of late.”

Talaya Waller, founder of Waller & Company

“Keep track of your content that is reposted by other pages (easy to find out if they retag you, but hard to discover if they don’t). This way you can engage with the users who like your content and hopefully attract them to your page.”

Jeremiah Boehner, director of sales at

“Find an engaging piece of content post to your Facebook page and then boost it for $1 a day to large (10M-50M) audience in your target country. You can get engagements for $0.0001 which will improve the reach and engagement on your other content.”

Candice Galek, founder of Bikini Luxe

“If you’re an online retailer, focus on creating relatable lifestyle imagery as opposed to over the top glamorous shots. These come across as more realistic and attainable, thus making your customer feel comfortable with your brand.”

HelloFresh founder, Shara Seigel

“Sharing other Instagrammers’ content is a nice way to give back to the community. It will increase the shared account’s visibility, but also encourage people who want to be shared on your account to use your hashtag and tag your account. It’s a win-win because both parties gain visibility.”

Ryan Duranso, cofounder at Ivory Ella

“Leverage ‘Friendship’ giveaways that encourage the customer to ‘Tag 3 Friends’ and follow your brand in order to win. Create more opportunity by encouraging multiple entries. This will create a viral loop by which your product will be heavily promoted, your brand will gain followers, and you will spread brand awareness in general.”

Founder of The Growth People, Tom Osman

“Find 10-20 competitor accounts who have the following you want. Then use your favorite automation tool to engage with those people at scale. If your account is similar then there is a high chance of them engaging back. Make sure you are running a business profile so you can run retargeting ads to people who view your profile.”

Oliver Isaacs

“Find accounts in the same niche that you’re in and asks if they are interested in s4s, or in other words, shout-out for shout-out. By using the Instagram DM, Telegram or Kik apps, you can find many accounts in your specific niche. You can also make use of ‘powerlikes’ from much larger accounts, if you build a solid relationship with the account owners of these 1M+ pages. Or you can offer to promote them on another platform, by leveraging your following on other networks.”

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The 7 Top Video Tools You Should Be Using Now




Video marketing has been the most effective way of getting your message out to your target audience for many years now. But producing video and making sure that a video is successful are two different things.

These are the top video tools that you should be using this year.

1. Promo by Slidely.

One of the reasons video has gotten so huge for content marketing in recent months is the rise of native video offerings as part of social platforms’ user experience. Twitter is doubling down on their video offering nowadays, signing deals with big media companies. Snapchat recently rolled out their long-hyped self-service video ad platform.

And the mother of all social networks, Facebook has been heavily favoring video content in its newsfeeds while rolling out increasingly sophisticated tools for live broadcasting.

With Promo by Slidely, marketers at smaller organizations and agencies can finally get in on the social video game by significantly shortening production cycles. There’s no need to work with expensive external service providers to shoot any new footage before editing and posting.

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Promo has an exclusive partnership with Getty for unlimited access to millions of HD, professionally shot video clips. Just search for what you want using Promo’s smart tagging system; add your text, music and logo; and that’s it.

You’re ready to post a beautiful video within ten minutes start to finish. It’s easy and agile enough of a system that you can do the same process over and over again, throughout the week — just like the social newsfeeds demand you do.

2. Wistia.

Wistia is a huge package of video tools, which includes video hosting, analytics, and video marketing tools. The goal of this tool is to enable you to turn passive viewers into active viewers.

Some of the best features include video heat maps and viewing trends. This way you can find out what’s popular right now and tailor your productions accordingly. Various stats are produced as part of engagement graphs, which will also allow you to figure out where you’re losing your audience.

By far Wistia one of the best video marketing tools for businesses in every sector.

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3. ClickMeeting.

Webinars represent a fantastic way of engaging your target market in a way an ordinary video never could. ClickMeeting is website software that is tailored towards your specific business goals. It will help you to move your prospects from an interested customer to a conversion.

It’s a 360-degree solution that helps you to populate your webinars, helps them to achieve their goals, and helps you to turn them into sales. Another advantage of ClickMeeting is that it can be combined with other apps, including Skype and Google. It’s a simple process to integrate ClickMeeting with your existing infrastructure.

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4. Wideo.

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to spend hours on producing a professional video. You may not be able to afford expensive software or professional video makers to take charge. Wideo is the answer to that because this video tool allows you to compile professional videos in a matter of minutes. All you need is an Internet connection to get started.

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Wideo specializes in producing animated videos. These videos can make the first impression you want, no matter the audience you’re trying to target. You’ll be able to produce engaging videos at the click of a button.

5. Videolean.

Another great tool is Videolean. Like with Wideo, it helps you to produce engaging videos at an affordable price. Videolean is a marketing tool that can improve the prospects of your company. It’s designed to help companies produce promotional videos without the need for advanced editing software.

All you need to do is choose the video template that best fits your campaign and customize it to your heart’s content. Add your content and you’re ready to go.

6. ClickFunnels.

An important part of video marketing is the funnels used to send people towards an eventual sale. The sale is just part of it, though. You need to be able to upsell because that’s where you start making your money. A service that provides you with sales funnels that are customized according to your business is ClickFunnels.

These funnels are tailored towards your goals. Whether you want to increase the number of email subscribers you have or whether you want to boost your sales figures, there’s a funnel for you. These can be seamlessly integrated into your existing video marketing campaign.

7. Facebook Live.

Video marketing has taken a step forward. Now it’s live streaming that’s making a giant splash in the business world of today. Facebook Live is by far one of the best video marketing tools at your disposal because you can appear live at any time of the day and there are no attendance requirements.

It’s also an ideal way to improve your social media strategy because it gives people a reason to keep checking back to your page. Furthermore, there’s nothing more engaging than a live broadcast.

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You don’t need a big production to make live streaming with Facebook work. A camera and a brightly lit area is all you need. The content and how you interact with your audience is what matters.Video marketing could make your business. These tools will help you in every area of marketing your business using video content. Now is the time to get started if you want to get an edge on your competitors.

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The Holiday Marketing Guide for Small Businesses




We have officially entered the holiday season! October through January is filled with holidays from Halloween to New Years. As a small business, you can take advantage of this joyful time by taking your marketing efforts to the next level. There are many different ways a small business can celebrate (and profit from) the holidays, so let’s jump right into to our extensive guide.

Customer appreciation

1. Holiday cards

Send out personalized holiday cards to your most loyal customers. While your customers expect to receive a Christmas card from their grandparents, they aren’t expecting one from your small business. This will be sure to leave a positive impression and shows that you truly appreciate your loyal customers. If you don’t have the resources to send out personalised cards, you can also hand out cards to customers in-store or include them in online orders.

2. Kid-friendly fun

A great way to capture customers is through their kids. Hold a kids’ contest like a make-your-own-ornament contest or holiday coloring contest. You can give away one big prize or give everyone small prizes, like halloween candy or swag. Besides a contest, you can make your business kid-friendly by providing a children’s space with toys and books to keep tired, fussy kids occupied while parents do their holiday shopping.

3. Entertainment

Not just the kids need to be entertained while they are out shopping. Think about hiring musicians or a DJ to play in your store or outside your restaurant to attract customers and get them in a joyful mood.

4. Giveaways

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Show your customers how much you appreciate them by giving away useful items with each purchase, like good-quality wrapping paper or ribbons for gift wrapping. You could also give away nice gifts with purchase, that can serve as stocking stuffers. Customers will be more likely to buy so they can receive the free gift. Want something more branded? Print a personalized calendar to give out to your clients, a perfect gift for the new year. For example, a dog groomer could showcase a different breed of dog each month.

5. Perks

Use perks to stay competitive during the holiday season. Draw in customers with perks such as free shipping, gift-wrapping options, double loyalty points or guaranteed-before-Christmas delivery dates.

Holiday sales

6. Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the biggest sales of the year, so you should take advantage of this day too. You can start hyping up your Black Friday deals early and get people excited about shopping in store or online. The important thing here is to make it a limited supply. You want people to plan in your store for after their Thanksgiving dinner.  As Mashable states, “Using whatever data-driven analytics you’ve got access to, figure out the products that are most in-demand for your target market, and then give your customers what they want: A deal they can’t find elsewhere.”

7. Small Business Saturday

A sales day dedicated to small businesses cannot go unnoticed. Small Business Saturday, started by American Express in 2010, is all about celebrating local merchants. This sale day encourages consumers to “shop small” and give independent business a chance in between the huge Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales of larger brands. Reward customers who shop local with special deals and offers on Small Business Saturday.

8. Cyber Monday

And the sales don’t stop after the weekend! Cyber Monday has become one of the most profitable days for businesses selling online. In order to provide your customers with the best possible experience on this day, ensure that your website — both desktop and mobile — is optimized in the weeks leading up to these holiday sales. Be sure that your site or app can handle the extra traffic if you are offering a “once a year” discount.

Pro tip: To get most of of all these holiday sales, tie them together with tactics like handing out Cyber Monday coupon codes on the receipts of Black Friday purchases. This way, customers are enticed to come back to do the rest of their holiday shopping.

Special publicity

9. Partnerships

Partner with other local businesses by putting their coupons in customers’ shopping bags, and have them do the same with yours. The more variety in participating businesses the better, as customers are probably in need of many different holiday supplies (e.g. food, gifts, decoration).

10. Local publicity

A great way to get some local publicity is by getting listed in local holiday gift guides. This could be in the form of a local magazine, or a local blogger sharing their “Top 20 Gifts For Your Mom.” Compile a list of relevant media outlets and bloggers and reach out with a free sample.

11. Decoration

There’s something magical about a store window filled with a beautiful holiday display. It’s also a great way to promote your business to casual passersby. Find some time to add beautiful holiday-themed decor to your storefront to get into the spirit. Even online businesses can add some festive flair by adjusting their website design to match the season.

12. Charity

People in the holiday spirit like to give back to a good cause. As a small business, you should consider giving back to your community during the holiday season. You can add a charitable element in various ways. Maybe you donate a small portion of your proceeds to a local animal shelter, you might set up a donation box in your establishment, or you could organize a toy drive in partnership with surrounding businesses. You’ll get customers in the door, while also promotion a charity and your own business.

Now it’s time to map out your small business’ holiday marketing strategy. You can start by picking one or two options that most suit your small business and go from there. The holiday season can bring your business a lot of good, in terms of revenue, new customers and publicity. Even though the holiday season is still a little ways off, it’s a great time to start planning those promotions!

This story originally appeared on Bizness Apps

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